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Product Support Agent: Hello, Andrew Katz. Can I help you with anything today?
Product Support Agent: Good afternoon you’re through to Chantelle,Following this chat there is a short survey that will allow you to rate the Live Chat service you have received today. We appreciate all feed back given. How can I help you today?
Andrew Katz: Hi. I’m looking at your GB7143A2PZ1 fridge freezer, but I want to make sure I get one with an automatic ice maker. How do I make sure the supplier supplies this item along with the fridge/freezer?
Product Support Agent: You will need to ask for a plumbed in fridge/freezer Andrew.
Product Support Agent: Is there anything else i can help you with today?
Andrew Katz: I’m looking for the auto ice maker referred to in the instruction manual for the GB7143A2PZ1 (see page 10)
Product Support Agent: Okay Andrew. You will need to request from the retailer that you will need a plumbed in unit.
Andrew Katz: How about the non-plumbed in variety? (See page 21 of the manual)
Product Support Agent: this appliance does not have an automatic ice maker you need to fill the ice trays manually
Andrew Katz: Can you let me know which model does have the automatic ice maker referred to on page 21 of the manual?
Product Support Agent: are you only looking for a top and bottom appliance?
Andrew Katz: Yes
Product Support Agent: Unfortunately none of our top and bottom appliances have auto ice makers
Andrew Katz: No I’m totally confused – Currys tell me that the model I am looking at DOES have an auto ice maker, and your manual MFL64999702 provides instructions for it
Product Support Agent: Ok they have given you the incorrect information our top and bottom appliances only have a manual fill ice trays
Product Support Agent: the manual for the model number you have given me does not provide these instructions
Andrew Katz: I’m looking at page 21 – it clearly talks about an auto ice maker (with pictures!) and page 10 shows where it goes. Tnis manual is only for top and bottom fridge freezers and does not cover American style models.
Product Support Agent: I am looking at the manual for that appliance and on page 24 it advises that this si not an auto ice maker and shows you how to fill this manually
Andrew Katz: I am looking at manual part number MFL64999702 which covers model GB7143A2PZ1 among others. I just want whatever fridge freezer in that manual has the auto ice maker referred on pages 10 and 21!
Product Support Agent: if you copy and paste this link – http://www.lg.com/uk/home-appliances/refrigerators/LG-combination-GB7143A2PZ1.jsp into your internet search bar and click on the owners manual on the right to the page on page 24 it advises of the ice maker
Andrew Katz: Ah, ok, in that manual, the details for the auto ice maker are on pages 10 and 28 – so how do I make sure I get the model that incorporates these?
Product Support Agent: None of our top and bottom appliances have an auto ice maker all our top and bottoms are self fill only
Andrew Katz: To be clear, I don’t mind filling a tank in the fridge to get ice, as long as there is an auto ice maker in the freezer, as referenced on pages 10 and 28 of the manual – what I do NOT want is a twist ice maker where I have to fill the ice maker in the FREEZER and then twist it to get the ice out when I think it might be ready
Product Support Agent: There is no auto ice maker in the freezer you are supplied with ice trays which need to be manually filled we only have auto ice makers on our top and bottom as there is space to facilitate this
Product Support Agent: in the top and bottoms these are the twist mechanisms
Andrew Katz: So the manual specifies options which don’t exist?
Product Support Agent: Ok for this appliance there is no auto ice maker and we do not currently have this on any of our top and bottom appliances, and this manual my old information for older models also as they are all generic
Andrew Katz: So Curry’s must have got some old stock, or they are as confused as I am. Seems like I’ve wasted about 5 hours tracking down something that doesn’t exist, even though it’s clearly referred to in your manuals.
Product Support Agent: our manuals advise of both they are generic mauals and will hold information for more than one appliance
Andrew Katz: That’s fine – I just want whatever appliance it is that is referenced in the manual and has an auto ice maker!
Product Support Agent: As advised the only way to have that appliance is to purchase an side by side appliance
Andrew Katz: But that manual only covers top/bottom appliances!
Product Support Agent: Ok sir as advised we do not offer a top and bottom appliance these manuals are generic and cover a range of appliances there fore provides you with information for a few of our models and we do not sell a top and bottom with an auto ice maker
Andrew Katz: Page 10 makes it clear that GB7143 is an top/bottom appliance and that the auto ice maker is an optional accessory for it. So you’re telling me that the manual covers an appliance that doesn’t exist?
Product Support Agent: As I have advised, these manuals are generic and cover a range of different appliances. Our top and bottom range does not have an auto ice maker.
Product Support Agent: The appliance it may be talking about could be for an USA model or an European model, but I can advise that our UK models do not have this function.
Andrew Katz: Ah. ok. Some progress. Can you let me know which model DOES have this function, and then I can look into importing one.
Product Support Agent: unfortunately we do not hold information for other country specifications so i would not be able to provide you with this information
Andrew Katz: Is there someone in Korea I could talk to about this?
Andrew Katz: I’m only trying to purchase products from your company!
Andrew Katz: Maybe they can let me know where it’s available.
Product Support Agent: Unfortunately not
Product Support Agent: the best thing for you to do is to look at the LG website for other country’s and see what their models provide
Andrew Katz: Ah, hang on, here’s some more info from your UK website: http://www.lg.com/uk/home-appliances/refrigerators/LG-combination-GB7143A2PZ1.jsp see about half way down: it says “Ice & Water Solution. LG’s new bottom freezer is equipped with an automatic icemaker with a Non Plumbing System. Simply pour water into the water tank, and it automatically proceeds to make ice. You can get a large amount of ice.”
Product Support Agent: As i have previously advised sir that model is a twist ice maker we are not currently selling any top and bottom appliances with an auto ice maker
Product Support Agent: when i type the link it is advising that is incorrect
Andrew Katz: Errr…nope, it clearly says “automatic icemaker” and “simply water into the water tank”. This is the link: http://www.lg.com/uk/home-appliances/refrigerators/LG-combination-GB7143A2PZ1.jsp – Or go to your main rerigeration page: http://www.lg.com/uk/home-appliances/refrigerators/index.jsp and click on the second 2 tone fridge/freezer
Product Support Agent: Ok i am advising you though that we do not currently have any top and bottom appliances with an auto ice maker there is nothing else i will be able to advise you on this as we do not have what you are looking for
Andrew Katz: OK. It’s a bit annoying that you clearly advertise one on your web site.
Product Support Agent: as i have advised you thou that is not available at this time it is something that is on our appliances but is not available on current models available
Andrew Katz: Do you have an ETA for whn it might be available? You probably want to have it removed from your web site until it does become available.
Product Support Agent: Unfortunately not as it could be any time it is the same for all products that wont be removed as this could have only temporarily go out of stock and we have advised of all aspects of the ranges that our appliances cover
Andrew Katz: It’s just a bit of a time waster if you are advertising features that are not currently available.
Product Support Agent: Ok, Is there any thing else i can help you with today?
Andrew Katz: I think that covers it. Although an apology for wasting my time would be nice 🙂
Product Support Agent: I haven’t wasted your time sir i advised you at the beginning of the conversation this was not available.
Product Support Agent: and as i have advised our manuals all cover a range of appliances and most options are covered in this even though it will not apply to your appliance
Andrew Katz: Hey hey! Don’t be so defensive! By “you” in mean “LG” – my research on this topic was prompted by me looking for a top/bottom fridge/freezer with an auto ice maker. Your web site clearly advertises that one exists, and this is confirmed by the downloadable manuals.
Andrew Katz: It would have been helpful if you had just said “Sorry, this feature shouldn’t be advertised on the web site or referred to in our manuals, and I’ll make sure that we correct this error in the future”.
Product Support Agent: I wasn’t being defensive sir i am just advising you that i have explained that this is currently not available should you wish to put your comments in writing to make a suggestion regarding the information you have seen online you can send this to cic.uk@lge.com although i cannot guarantee the outcome or if there will be any response this will be looked into and taken into consideration, yet this is not confirmed by the manual as i have advised you our manuals are for 3-4 different appliances all near the same specifications so will cover all areas instead of having individual manuals
Product Support Agent: as advised above our manuals are generic for more than one appliance so they will cover all the different features even though your might not specifically have this
Andrew Katz: Yes. You told me that. What about the advertised feature on the web site?
Product Support Agent: it is the same for the manuals, should you not be happy with what the information on the web site is advising you as previously advised you can put this in writing as a suggestion
Andrew Katz: I’m a bit of a loss to see why you wouldn’t escalate the issue automatically, and apologise for the error. I’m ready to spend just shy of £1,000 with you here!
Andrew Katz: (And for what it’s worth, I also have to cancel an order with Curry’s, as they swear blind that they do sell a top/bottom fridge/freezer from LG which does have the auto ice maker)
Product Support Agent: as there is no error sir i have advised you that this refers to more than one model all at different specifications there is not an issue with what is written on the web site you are looking for something that we do not currently have available i have advised you of different options in order to locate what you are looking for
Andrew Katz: OK. On your website you advertise the GB7143A2PZ1 here: http://www.lg.com/uk/home-appliances/refrigerators/LG-combination-GB7143A2PZ1.jsp which clearly says it has an automatic icemaker. You tell me it hasn’t. That’s an error, isn’t it?

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