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LG Customer “service”

February 8, 2012


  Product Support Agent: Hello, Andrew Katz. Can I help you with anything today? Product Support Agent: Good afternoon you’re through to Chantelle,Following this chat there is a short survey that will allow you to rate the Live Chat service you have received today. We appreciate all feed back given. How can I help you […]

Revenge of the voters

December 18, 2010


The government needs lots more money, and there are lots of companies out there we hate. So let’s pick a figure, say £60 billion, and let every voter have five votes. Say there are 30 million voters, then each vote is worth £400. We get a window of time to vote for the companies we […]

Open Source, Super Profits and Venture Capital

June 14, 2010


Glyn Moody wrote a great blog post about why there aren’t any billion dollar open source companies, and 451 followed it up. I don’t think VCs are ever going to be that interested in pure-play open source companies, for the simple reason that they are never going to be profitable enough to interest them. VCs […]